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Stop searching and save valuable time.

On this platform, our experts select and test for you rare software you never knew existed. Software that have nothing to do with those you’ve always known. Softwares created by designers of genius, with which we are in partnership throughout the world, and especially in the USA.

Software whose quality criteria are derived from the  ISO9126 standard.

We submit these software to various tests (unit tests, integration tests, user interface tests…), to choose only the best, the most breathtaking, those that can have a real impact on your life.

The choice of such software is very delicate and we do not skimp the means to offer you the best in all its rarity.

In our selection, you can connect if necessary to the website of the designer of each software for more information and videos before any purchase.

In addition, only the software presented on this platform are those that meet a series of criteria including functional capacity, ease of use, performance, reliability, maintainability and above all an irreproachable technical quality.

All software are immediately delivered to you online with a period of satisfaction or refund.

Finaly, the assurance that we give you apart from a better and true value for money, is that you will come into possession of software verified, guaranteed and able to really do their job.

Our experts promise you


Install powerful, rich, and complete software that take advantage of the features of your different operating systems and provide better code coverage. Choose immortal software that are always young and can evolve with your ambitions. Do you need powerful software to drive sometimes complex machines?



Powerful software, but also user-friendly, designed to work as you wish forever, thanks to the implemented interface elements (tooltip, icons, labels …). It will help you launch your tasks and your business in the most efficient way.


Opt for quality software, flexible with a good speed in the startup time and some actions. Software quality is an overall assessment of software, based on many indicators namely the coverage of features, the success of all tests, the execution time of tests, the complexity of the code and other technical measures in order to have the assurance of perfect quality. And on this point, our experts have already done the work for you.


Marketing Software